Kris-Zaga… uplifting Nigerians one sound at a time

You might not know the man, but when you hear his music it sticks.

“Music is everything. I live and dream about music. Apart from family, music is what I love the most. It keeps me healthy, thinking positively. My music is about me and what I have been through; all the rants in my head,” Uzoma Nwachukwu, 34, popular as Kris Zaga, tells The Guardian.

The peculiar thing about the Portharcourt-born and US-based Afro-Pop Singer is not just his style of music alone, but the content of his songs which are heavily woven around socio-conscious themes and Christian gospel. Well, that is apart from the fact that he is a licensed Medical Practitioner.x

“I’m a medical personnel. A nurse is always a Nurse, as they say. I learned so much in my career and I like to care for people, encourage, and motivate. I’m a Christian and I think independently, whom I am is shaped by my struggles in life, education and family. I was able to combine both music and Nursing Sciences.”

From his debut Publik Figure album, released globally in 2011, Kris Zaga has churned out musical critiques of the gory realities in Nigeria, as well as odes to his native town of Etche in Portharcourt.

His music resonates mostly with the youth, but still cut across other age grades as they inspire, educate and entertain.

According to him, his musical influences are firstly from his parents, then from the new wave of musicians, such as Davido, Wizkid, Burna-boy, Tyler The Creator and Drake.

He said, “Both my parents are musicians; my dad was a DJ, he would always travel to various states and communities where they have events, burials to play for them. He had all kinds of music similar to DJs today and also co-wrote songs with popular oriental brothers.

“My mother, on the other hand, was a woman leader who coordinates events, songs for women during events. She also sang in church and has a very good voice. I would always follow her to local events and play drums. I would say my parents basically influenced my choice of music. It has always been there as a kid and at some point it needed to come out.”xhttps://d232a2b5e12fbf689b35458a4d5eb77d.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

For the singer, uplifting songs would continue to dominate his discography, as it is more of a life passion for him, than business.

Helping his neighbors and anyone he comes across, gives him fulfillment as God has given him gifts of motivation, to inspire people.”

He also revealed plans to further his education, as well as create a Non-profit organization.

His most recent release, ‘Power and Grace’ are available across digital streaming platforms.


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